Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day - Love Spells

Valentine's Day....ahhh....makes me think of beautiful flowers, sparkly jewels, love notes and those damn boxes of chocolate!  Argh, the chocolate....for some of us, our weakness....our vice!  Well try this love spell....simply practical......perfect for the empty box of chocolates, and you don't even have to eat them to empty it (ummm.....good luck with that!)

Items to Gather:
1 empty chocolate box (can be the small heart shaped, large heart shaped, rectangle..any ole' box will do).

Embellishments for the box (things that inpire you and make you happy - pretty clip art, the word "LOVE", victorian valentines, pictures of you and your valentine, whatever you want that immediately draws your attention to the box).  Remember find your bliss....embellish it with things that make YOU happy.

Glue (to attach your embellishments to the box)

A piece of paper for writing

A red or pink candle.

Conjuring Your Magick:
1.  Decorate your empty box with the embellishments you chose.   While you are working, think of what it is you would like to manifest in your specific.....remember, this is a LOVE spell.  "I want _____ (say the person's name) to ask me out on a date this weekend"  or  "I want my lover to think of me, and nothing else, at work tomorrow".  Wish big....why not....the results could be amazing!

2.  Write on the piece of paper what it is you wished for.  Close your eyes and will it with all your being.  Really want it....obsess over it.....put yourself on the other side of the if it has happened and you are already living can feel it, you can taste it, you can smell it.....just visualize and lose yourself.

3.   Place the wish in the box....close the lid.  

4.  Place the box in the "heart of your home".  This would be where you spend most of your time at home, where you feel comfortable, where your family gathers.  The energy in your home is strongest there.

5.  Place your candle next to the box.  PLEASE, NEVER LEAVE YOUR LIT CANDLE UNATTENDED.

6.  Light your candle and repeat the following:

      Loves heart a fire,
      My wish lies within.
    From the heart of my home,
     This love spell begins.
     With passion and will I hereby manifest this charm,
     For my highest good and no cause for harm.

7.  Let the candle burn out on its own, and watch what transpires.  When you feel confident that your magick is the most powerful will always manifest what you want.  

Live your bliss!

The Blissful Witch 



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who is the Blissful Witch?

The Blissful Witch Blog came to me during a recent snowmobiling expedition with my husband.  I know, I know.....snowmobiling.....Blissful Witch....come on!  But it is was a perfect time for me to think and dream.  As I was traveling through the woods, looking at the barren oaks and green tasseled firs, seeing nature at its most pristine.....blanketed in white fluffy snow.....I was "blissfully" happy to be enjoying the outdoors!  Living in New England where the winters are long and cold, I felt blessed to be able to experience the woods in February.  Anyone who lives where the ground is frozen six months of the year can certainly appreciate that. 

So how did I come to the Blog....I guess it just happened!  "Why not?", I thought to myself when I was riding.  I'm not a writer and I'm not terribly creative.  The Blissful Witch is a 40 something wife and so many others.  But life changed just before my 40th birthday, after a trip to Salem, MA, when I realized we are all a little "magical".  Am I Wiccan?  It would be easier to call myself that, for discussion purposes, but I'm really not.  Do I celebrate life by honoring the wheel of the seasons....definately!   Do I pay attention to the moon and the sun and the role it plays in my own cycle and moods....absolutely!  Has it changed my life....without a doubt! 

Can you look beyond your own mundane?   Do you believe in love spells, in prosperity spells, in protection spells?  You'll find all these here in the future. Visit the Blog often and join my daily journey into what I call "living a magical life".   You may find your own "bliss"......

Best Witches,

The Blissful Witch